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Dec 16 2020 0 Comments vape accessories

Best Vape Accessories of 2022 - Vaping Tools and Supplies You Should Buy

best vape accessories and tools

Are you tired of purchasing the wrong coils that give you an unpleasant taste of your vape juice or vape dry hits? Worry not because we’ve reserved goodies for you. It’s 2022 and indeed the year will remain in our memories forever. Thousands have lost their lives to the Covid-19 pandemic. May their souls rest in eternal peace.

Regardless, the vaping community is in total joy. As a matter of fact, we have something to be proud of: we’ve hundreds if not thousands of vaping brands in the market that have unveiled some of the best vape accessories for vapers to choose from. Particularly, Wotofo brings some of the best vaping kits for all kinds of vapers – from newbies to experts – and different styles of vaping.

Having the best vape accessories is fun, isn’t it? Cool accessories are a source of joy. They offer their service, whether they’re used as carrying cases, vape juice bottles, or even chargers. They can as well be peculiar, nice-looking devices that make the whole vaping process thrilling and appear more like a way of life. Some of these essentials include building tools, wicks and wires, prebuilt coils, replacement coils, drips, and glass tubes, as well as vape care and customization.

You’ve acquired the newest vape mod in Town and nobody can stop you! But do you know something is missing? Have you acquired the necessary accessories for dressing you vape? There is a wide selection of high-quality accessories from different brands. Their categories cover a broad range of necessary tools that facilitate your vaping experience to be fantastic. Some of them are just ordinary spare parts like drip tips and glass tubes, extra batteries, replacement coils, or even protective covers.

Also, there is a variety of spare unicorn bottles used for holding e-juices and cleaning accessories meant to maintain the devices. Whatever tool that is required to keep vapes powered up, and in whatever condition for the best vaping experience, are all found here in Wotofo.

1. Best Vape Building Tools

Find the best vape accessories online

There are a number of different vape accessories available online that can help you personalize your vape and make it a bit more on-brand for you through vape tank accessories or help you make it more practical for daily use. There are even accessories that let you customize the vaping experience for yourself.

One of the most useful vape accessories has to be the vape tool kit made by WOTOFO. This tool kit keeps all your vape tools in it to protect them. The kit isn’t just a cover for your tools but also comes with cutters, tweezers, mats, and more, which help build your vape coil and keep your vape tank fresh.

Check out these vape accessories and more at our vape shop, and you can customize the coil in your vape tank with our accessories.

● Wotofo Vape Tool Kit

This was unveiled to enable convenient housing/carrying of vape tools and features a beautifully designed Wotofo emblem. By housing the tools in a good-designed case, the longevity of the accessories increases while enabling them to reach optimum performance. This kit comes with all the tools meant for building vape coils as per the user’s preference.

Also, the tools feature a waterproof hard case to protect them against moisture. The kit is loaded with a flush wire cutter meant for cutting the coil wire without resistance. Other items in this kit include a pair of medical-grade scissors, a bent tip tweezer, a hard ceramic tweezer, a screwdriver set, and a self-balancing coil jig. The Wotofo vape tool kit is an essential item for vapers due to its:

  • Great quality
  • Facilitates making of your own coil
  • Protection of the vaping tools
  • Proper organization of the vape essentials.

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● Wotofo Foldable Coil Trimming Tool

The trimming tool is purposely used for measuring the width of deck posts and placement of the coil legs in the appropriate hole, and cutting (trimming) the wires to the appropriate lengths with confidence and precision. The tool is foldable and portable.

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● Wotofo Vape Scissors

Vape scissors are sold separately from the tool kit. Their importance is precisely cutting a piece of wicking material to achieve the right vaping experience is well-known by vapers. They are made from stainless steel to increase their durability and strength – tough razor-sharp edges. The scissors come with a blunt tip to allow them to be carried in the pocket without causing harm to the user.

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● Wotofo Building Mat

Measuring 3 mm in thickness and 355 mm by 254 mm in the rectangular plane, the Wotofo Building mat is built from a micro-texture piece of cloth and features a non-slip rubber backing. To increase its durability, or perhaps its beauty, its edges come with anti-fraying stitches at the edges.

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● Wotofo Spring-Loaded Flush Cutter

Using the stainless steel tungsten steel in-lay technology – to increase strength and durability, this cutter is meant for easing the process of wire cutting during coil building. The cutter prevents vapers from taking any risk with their coil. The spring-loaded flush cutter is necessary for vapers because:

  • It’s strongly built
  • Has sharp edges
  • Has a comfortable grip

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● Wotofo Ceramic Tweezers

These ceramic tweezers can withstand temperatures of up to 1300 degrees Celsius. The tips are screwed on a stainless-steel body using a pair of Philip screws. Their head is resistant to rusting, non-magnetic, and antistatic. They are purposely used for fine-tuning of coils on the atomizers.

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2. Wicks and Wires

In modern styles of vaping, customizing your vape is necessary and makes your vaping experience even more thrilling. The best wicks and wires from Wotofo enables you to elevate your vaping experience. Some of the best Wotofo wiring and wicking accessories include:

● nexMESH For Profile 1.5 and RDTA

It plays a critical role as the main heating core. It’s tailored for the best flavor production in a vape. It’s available in five different types:

  • nexMESH SUS316L, and
  • nexMESH Clapton.

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● Wotofo Xfiber Cotton for Profile (6mm)

It offers the best profile for quick cotton preparation to enable convenient rebuilding. Features properties like 100% organic cotton, electro-cleaned, multi-fiber blends, quick absorption ability, and a high retention capability.

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● nexMESH Mesh Coil 10pcs

It beats all the other coils regarding flavor production. Available in two varieties:

  • Kanthal A1 NexMESH Mesh Coil
  • SS316L NexMESH Mesh Coil

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● Wotofo Xfiber Cotton (3mm Thick)

The ever-increasing demand for quick cotton preparation inspired the generation of this product. Long-fibered cotton was selected to enable smooth and easy wicking.

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● Wotofo Prebuilt Wire Spool

This is particularly for vapers who prefer building their own coils. Wotofo has produced prebuilt wire spools – a new line of wires – to introduce freedom in vaping. They include Dual Core Fused Clapton Wire 26*2+36 & 28*2+38, Tri-Core Fused Clapton Wire, and Framed Staple Clapton among others.

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● Wotofo Prebuilt Coils

These are prepared specifically for vapers who find it tedious or are unskilled for building their own coils. Some examples include Alien Wire coils, Quint Core fused Clapton Coils, Braided Coils, and Juggernaut coils among others.

3. Prebuilt Coils

Prebuilt coils are purposely prepared for consumers who do not have time to prepare their own. Wotofo prebuilt coils offer convenience for rebuilding and help vapers who aren’t in the mood of rebuilding on their own. These coils eliminate the time-consuming process with machine-precise fine work that offers remarkable flavor production and huge vapor clouds. Some of the bestselling Wotofo prebuilt coils in the market include:

  • Alien Prebuilt Coils
  • Juggernaut Prebuilt Coils
  • Fused Clapton Prebuilt Coils
  • Tri-Core Fused Clapton Prebuilt Coils
  • Framed Staple Clapton Prebuilt Coils
  • Wotofo Braided Prebuilt Coil

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4. Replacement Coils

Replacement coils and atomizer heads keep the vape tank always fresh, and the e-juice having the best taste always. The atomizer in the vape is meant for heating and ultimately vaporizing the e-juice – it is actually the workhorse of the entire unit.

The mechanics in these units are relatively straightforward – a wire coil is wrapped in a wick – preferably cotton-made – which is soaked with e-juice. When the switching button is activated, the batteries power the coil which heats the coil and in turn vaporizes the e-juice. The choice of temperature is the most significant variable in the replacement coil and enables the user to tailor their unit to their preferences.

A replacement coil of low resistance draws a lot of currents, increasing the heat generated by the coil. For cooler vapes, a high resistance coil is preferred. Now, Wotofo boasts of some of the best replacement coils in the market such as:

  • Manik Pod Coil: compatible with both Vaporesso and Voopoo vapes. They best suit vapers who like their vapor warm with the absolute revelation of flavor.
  • NexMESH Pro Tank Coil: the coils are made with high-quality materials for the production of huge vapor clouds and flavor delivery.
  • NexMESH Sub Ohm Tank Conical Coil: delivers a top-notch flavor and huge vapor clouds.
  • Stentorian Steam Engine Tank Coil: with a recommended power output between 40 and 70 watts, the coil comes in three versions – flat coil, parallel coil, and Clapton coil.
  • Wotofo Flow Pro Coil: designed to outperform conventional coils. It consists of a metal sheet with evenly pierced holes to increase the surface area. Performs well with sub-ohm tanks. Output power ranges between 40 and 60 watts.
  • Wotofo Flow Subtank Coil: with a resistance of 0.25 ohm, the recommended wattage range is 35 to 60 watts. The coils are designed to produce huge vapor clouds and great flavor.

5. Drip Tips and Glass Tubes

Drip tips are vape accessories that are typically used as mouthpieces on atomizers/tanks. They earned this name from the fact the first ones were used for dripping e-juices onto the coil/wick. Whereas some view them as small and inconsequential accessories, they are very critical when it comes to vape quality as well as adding some bit of customization to the whole unit.

They are manufactured from different types of materials such as glass, stone, metal, plastic, wood, and hybrid materials. Wotofo introduces the modern technology of drip tips and glass tubes for an outstanding experience. Their mission is to deliver quality vapor to the mouth.

These accessories are suitable for various types of rebuildable drip atomizers (best RDAs) and rebuildable tank atomizers (best RTAs). Their relatively small tips play a very critical role in improving your vaping experience. Some of the Wotofo best-selling drip tips and glass tubes include:

  • Wotofo Profile Unity RTA Glass Tube,
  • Wotofo 810 Drip Tip,
  • Wotofo Profile Unity RTA 810 Drip Tip,
  • Wotofo Serpent Elevate Glass Tube,
  • Wotofo Flow Pro Glass Tube,
  • Gear RTA Bubble Tube,
  • Wotofo Recurve Dual RDA 810 Drip Tip,
  • NexMESH Sub Ohm Tank Replacement Glass,
  • Profile RDTA Tank Tube

6. Vape Care and Customization

Any kind of device customization is a source of pride for the user. What of a vape? Don’t you think it’s the same feeling? Truly it is! The effort and care invested in the customization process contribute to longevity, production of high-quality flavor, and ultimately a source of enjoyment. Some vapes are customized for cloud production, others for flavor delivery, range in terms of tank capacity, building coils, or temperature control vaping.

Now that you have earned the trust of your device, it’s time to customize it. The majority of tanks are absolutely interchangeable courtesy of the standardization of 510 pins widely used today.

The issue of standardization implies that you can easily pick any sort of tank from the shape and then insert it into your mod, provided that its size (tank) does not prevent it from fitting. Standardization allows you to modify the way and how fast your vape coils heat, the way a certain e-juice tastes, or the amount of vapor that your tank produces.

Now, Wotofo brings you some of the best-selling Vape care and customization accessories such as:

  • Wotofo 22mm Conversion Cap For Profile RDA
  • Wotofo Recurve Squonk Bottle
  • Stentorian Easy Refill Squonk Bottle
  • Wotofo Easy Fill Squonk Cap
  • Wotofo Vape Carry Case
  • Recurve Dual RDA Conversion Cap
  • Wotofo Easy Fill Drip Cap
  • Vape Band - Vape Tank Protector
  • Wotofo 18650 Battery Case
  • Wotofo Cap
  • Wotofo Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Wotofo Keep Vaping T-Shirt, and
  • Wotofo Eliquid Syringe


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