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What are Rebuildable MTL Atomizers (MTL RDA) and MTL Tanks (RTA)

mtl rda vs mtl rta

Coils are the most significant parts in vapes as they determine the functionality, generation of vapor, flavor, et al.

For the majority of vaping lovers, coil building is an art and they are nervous of wasting their precious time and energy doing it.

Both RTAs and RDAs come with “Rebuildable” coils designated by “R” in both acronyms. The difference between the two is “T” in the former which stands for “Tank” and “D” in the latter which stands for “Drip”.

In both devices, you’re required to install a coil wiring and wick (cotton-made).

The dripping-type (RDAs) requires you to manually drip e-juice onto the coil after several hits whereas the tank-type (RTAs) features a reservoir sitting on the coil that automatically fills the e-juice onto the coil allowing the vaper to consume numerous milliliters of vape juice before the next refilling.

To make matters more complicated, squonk RDAs feature squonk boxes; they’re fed e-liquid by a manually-squeezed juice reservoir residing within the RDA.

The user is only expected to squeeze this reservoir and it wets the coil. The question of which is better between an RDA and an RTA, I would say an RTA is more convenient, theoretically anyway: the e-juice is fed to the coil automatically as required.

Nevertheless, the convenience occurs at the expense of the sophistication of the tool: there’s a lot that can spoil the whole vaping experience, the channel for airflow is complicated and the build area of the coil – wicking area – is often small.

But purists will prefer RDAs as they are much simpler; no additional mechanics required, you only concentrate on building the coil without sidetracking or interfering with other issues.

What is a MTL RDA?

wotofo stng mtl rda

MTL RDA is an acronym of Mouth to Lung Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer, a contraption containing numerous key elements inbuilt inside.

MTL RDA comes with two connections; positive and negative terminals meant to house the heating element (coil) used during vaping.

Prior to vaping, you must take a wick, wet it with your e-liquid, place the cap in order, and start enjoying your vape juice.

Although it might appear simple, some knowledge is required and experience with the various components at play. You need to be open to applying trial and error experimentation when playing around with an MTL RDA.

MTL RDAs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and even different types of coil. These devices come with plenty of space inside them to hold all sorts of coils.

Also, it’s easy to replace the wick after anytime you like, enabling changing of flavors a relatively stress-free affair.

Understanding the way of handling this device is all that matters when dealing with MTL RDA, but this might turn chaotic especially for persons using it for their very first time.

If you are the kind of person who flips the table when things get out of hand, MTL RDAs are not the type of device that will entertain you.

What are MTL Tanks (RTA)?

cog mtl rta

An RTA stands for Rebuildable Tank Atomizer.

It’s a tank system that features a rebuildable coil. An RTA allows the vaper to fill their favorite e-liquid and vape it until it’s exhausted, and refill it.

RTAs are categorized into two main classes: mouth to lung (MTL) RTAs and direct to lung (DTL) RTAs.

DTL RTAs are characterized by the production of large vapor clouds while MTL RTAs use high-ohm coils operating at less-wattage to offer vapers with a cigarette-like feeling. The latter are often run with high-level nicotine e-juices.

Currently, there are a variety of MTL vape tanks in the market although it’s difficult to find an appropriate MTL RTA that can satisfy the craving of flavor hunters. To assist them find a solution to this problem, in this article, some of the best MTL RTAs in the market like COG MTL RTA.

Mouth to Lung (MTL) vaping style is making a loud comeback, thanks to the resurgence of modern vapes and the increasingly escalating popularity of nicotine salts.

Whereas those days you would boast about having a high-end MTL tank on your hands, today, affordable tanks from China have been dumped everywhere in the world, waiting for the next consumer.

Vaping pros can even develop the list of the best RTAs and RDAs they have used so far. When it comes to vape MTL RDAs, there are several types, same as there are numerous MTL RTAs.


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Rebuildable MTL Atomizers and MTL Tanks

Rebuildable MTL atomizers effectively integrate the convenience of the tank with the flexibility of the build deck.

It’s characterized by countless options of configuring the coil as well as the tank capacity for the e-juice making RTA atomizers optimal vape tanks of satisfaction, control, as well as the performance of the vape juice you make!

Even the users of RDAs can adapt vape tanks with much ease as most rebuildable tank atomizers offer an equivalent experience.

Most rebuildable MTL atomizers feature mechanisms of modifying the airflow, often in some form or a ring mounted on the tank part.

Modern rebuildable tanks usually enable additional options for airflow modification that can alter how the coils are hit by the air depending on the preference of the vaper.

The principle of operation of rebuildable tanks is simple. The vaper begins by building the coil (depending on how the build deck is designed) and installing it on the atomizer deck.

The next step is to wick (using cotton) the coil and the tails of the cotton wick placed in the holes of the deck. Afterward, the vape tank is filled with an e-juice, and allows the wick to draw the e-liquid (become saturated) entering the wicking channels.

During the process of inhaling, air will enter through the holes and directed to the interior part of the deck. The drawn air hits the coil as it passes to the chimney, ultimately arriving at the drip tip.

RTA vape tanks, compared to other atomizers, feature replaceable coils and typically function perfectly when correctly built. RTA tanks offer a more customized experience saving the user time and money to purchase new coils.

Also, the wrapping coils save extra coins as a whole wire roll can make a huge number of these coils at almost the same cost the manufacturer will use to fabricate only one or two such coils.

Similarly, the large bundle of cotton can last for some time before purchasing for more. Simultaneously, sub-ohm tank users entirely rely on manufacturers to offer them coil heads for them to purchase.

Moreover, rebuildable tanks edge out rebuildable RDAs in two more ways: firstly, the capacity of e-juice; RTA tanks feature large-capacity e-liquid reservoirs to offer vaping enjoyment for a relatively long time before the next refill.

RDA users are tasked with continually dripping of e-juice into the atomizer, a rather tedious activity. Secondly, RTA tanks come with a chimney making them less likely to leak the e-liquid inside them if left sitting at their side or even when held at an upside-down position, unlike RDA tanks.

When building the coil on rebuildable RTAs requires you to ensure that the coil extends across the slots. Otherwise, the wicks will drip the juice into the holes, resulting in gurgling or flooding.

Flooding can also be prevented by ensuring the wicks don’t let the e-juice flow past where they reach on the deck. Modern RTA tanks allow vapers to access the deck regularly to re-wick and this is highly recommended for newbies and disinclined builders.

Lastly, always ensure the RTA tank isn’t overfilled; leaving an air column (bubble) allows the liquid to flow freely via the wick and easy exchange of air.

Why and How to Build Vape Coils

One way to save money for an extra vape juice is by building your own vape coil.

Instead of purchasing disposable coil heads each time and again, it is easy to make your own. This allows vapers to enjoy the fruits of their hands.

Practicing is the only way to get good at it. Whereas there are a variety of accessories that can be used to wrap the coil, the best way is to keep it simple.

Building kits supply you with everything required to build the coils: some supplies include:

● Resistance wire: used to form the heating element
● Ceramic tweezers: used to pinch the coil
● Flush cutters: used to cut the wire
● Cotton (organic): used as the wicking material
● a pair of scissors: used to trim the wicking material

Optional tools/equipment

● Ohmmeter (reader): measure the resistance of the wire
● Coil jig: used to wrap the wire

Pros and Cons of Rebuildable MTL Atomizers

Rebuildable RTA tanks are more convenient, easier, and cheaper to use than RDA tanks. Also, RTA tanks are more flexible to experiment with when building coils compared to RDA tanks.

RTAs dish out superior quality e-liquid flavors, the same way RDA tanks deliver a perfect mixture of vapor.

Nevertheless, building the coils requires some level of knowledge and expertise to come up with the appropriate design, shape, and size of the coil.

In order to reuse an RTA tank with a new flavor, the tank must be emptied and cleaned, which is quite tedious.

RDA tanks offer truly mouth-watering vaping experience, with dense clouds and good flavor. It’s friendly to your pocket and comes with a wide variety of choices. The accessory is simple and requires little maintenance.

However, RDAs do not have e-liquid reservoirs but small juice wells. Beginners might experience challenges when wicking for the first time.

Also, constant dripping of liquid into RDA tanks is a real hassle. Buying a modern and decent device, also, requires high initial capital.


Comparing an MTL RTA and MTL RDAs, RTA tanks are more convenient and are known to produce an impressive flavor output. On the other hand, RDAs produce massive vapor but its sophisticated wicking and lack of juice reservoir make it lose some points.

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