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Beginner’s Guide to the Basics of Pod Vaping

guide to pod vaping

The past couple of years have witnessed more and more cigarette smokers switching for a safer, healthier, cost-effective, and more sustainable way of nicotine consumption in vaping. This has resulted in an influx of modern equipment and accessories in the industry. There has been the evolution of various vape designs in leaps since the first one was invented in the early 2000s. In every innovation, users are offered more choices, added safety, more convenience, and better utility. One such development is the pod system, a more sophisticated yet safer and user-friendly than the earlier vape setups. Also known as pod vape or pod mod, they offer a cost-effective and convenient vaping experience. Newbie and long-term vapers love pod systems as they are user-friendly, affordable, and characterized by discrete flavor and vapour production.

Now that you’ve opted to consume your vape juice with a pod system, it’s important to learn some basics about them and how to pick the best setup for you! Firstly, you should understand the various aspects that set pod systems aside from ordinary vapes. They are smaller in size, designed for low-power output, and easy to use. By low-power output implies they are designed for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, a style that resembles smoking. With modest cloud generation and low-power output, vapers can easily adjust their devices to their preferred settings.

What’s A Vape Pod?

In simpler terms, a vape pod is a small ultra-portable e-cigarette cartridge designed to work particularly with a pod system. Those familiar with vaping terminologies understand that a cartridge, also referred to as a cartomizer, is a “container” that holds e-juice. A vape pod does not only hold e-juice but features other fundamental elements for vaporizing the vape juice. It implies a vape pod comes with an atomizer that contains a coil and wick. In the assembly, the wick transfers e-juice from the tank to the coil where it’s heated to vapour.

Why Are Pod Vaping So Popular?

Truly, pod vaping is taking the industry by storm. They’re immensely thriving in countries where they are legalized as they stand in middle between the regular cig-a-like e-cigarettes and modern mod systems. Although both the regular and modern vapes serve their purposes well within the industry, they are characterized by their own pros and cons. For instance, the basic, cheaper, simpler, and cig-a-like vapes are renowned for supporting only short-lived vaping sessions, small battery size, fair flavour and vapour production, and limited features among other drawbacks. In the contrast, more advanced vapes are too sophisticated for vapers who yearn for a simple vaping experience.

Pod systems are designed as ideal solutions to balance functionality, convenience, affordability, and performance. These systems can provide a high-quality vape experience while maintaining a fair complexity and cost. They are also making a rightful candidate where the vaper wants an additional backup device to keep in their pack or something they can grab and steal the show. They are small in size making them a great option when it comes to outdoor vaping or carrying them around while on vacation.

Types Of Pod Systems

There’re a few discrete broad varieties of pod vapes, largely dependent on what sort of pods they come with: those that feature pre-filled, refillable, or reusable cartridges. Each piece has its own pros and cons, which we are going to briefly explain. Now, some pod vapes feature an on/off button to complete the circuit and ultimately heat the coil whereas other setups are triggered automatically when you pull vapour. Let’s check what pre-filled pod systems, refillable pod systems, and reusable pod systems are?

Pre-filled Pod Systems

As the name suggests, a pre-filled pod system has its cartridge ‘already’ filled with vape juice by the manufacturer. A Pre-filled pod vape means that you will be purchasing a proprietary pod that comes with an already filled cartridge. It’s by far the easiest option. All you need is to buy the pod, slap it into your vape, start vaping, and discard it when the juice dries. There is nothing to learn in this device apart from how to install the pod and how to charge it. Whilst this pod is the easiest option, it’s also the most limiting and ultimately the most expensive option. You are limited to buying pods produced by the manufacturer and only allowed to choose from a few selections of flavours that they have made available.

A pre-filled pod system is what is normally referred to as a closed-system pod system, and is not refillable by users using their own vape juice. With a pre-filled pod system, there is no worry about what to refill the setup with. It’s a healthy and safe way of vaping.

Refillable Pod Systems

a refillable pod system is often the most appropriate option for vapers doing it for the first time. These units hold on to the “consume it the discard it” coherence of pre-filled pod systems but allow vapers to refill them until the inbuilt coil begins to taste burnt. Often, you get a week or so out of refillable pod vapes, instead of a day or two most vapers get from pre-filled pod systems. Besides, you can refill a refillable pod system with your preferred choice of vape juice; you can choose from the vast varieties of flavours available and determine which one serves you right. Whilst this may appear advantageous, sometimes it’s hard and messy. Newbies will always find it hard to do it by themselves compared to pros. Sadly, you may be conned by fraudulent online sellers to purchase e-liquids that do not meet the required standards, resulting in the risk of inhaling dangerous substances. Mixing your DIY e-juices may as well mean inconsistent e-juice/nicotine blends and exasperations with nicotine hits that are either extremely strong or extremely weak.

Reusable Pod Systems

like refillable pod systems, reusable pod systems are as well refillable, but rather than discarding the whole unit when it starts tasting bad, you’re required to swap the replaceable coil inside the pod. This makes reusable pod systems the cheapest option as buying the coils is more cost-effective than purchasing the entire pod. Also, these pod systems allow vapers to sharpen their vaping skills as there is a wide variety of coil options to choose from. This route has some drawbacks though: these setups are a bit more sophisticated than pre-filled and refilled pod systems and usually use high-powered configurations that can sometimes tend to be too much, particularly for beginners on the scene.

Also, pod systems come in a variety of flavours as regards to drawing modes goes: push-button style and auto-draw style. The push-button mode implies that when taking a hit, you ought to trigger the device by pressing a button on the vape. On the flip side, the auto-draw mode implies that you’re only required to pull vapour from the device at automatically triggers itself. While the auto-draw style is preferable for mouth-to-lung inhales, the push-button method allows you to take longer draws and have more lung-filling inhales. Moreover, pod systems are often coupled with higher-concertation nicotine e-juices which, when vaped with low-power settings, allow you to achieve a satisfactory nicotine fix in a short time. So the small battery size doesn’t thwart your mission.  

How Do Vape Pods Work?

Pod systems, as one could guess from what the name suggests, have the defining features of how to use pod-style design for holding and then vaporizing vape juice rather than using a reservoir or atomizers typically found in vape pens and vape mods. Vape mods are also known as “all-in-one” systems as they constitute all necessary features for vaping: the cartridge (pod) that contains a built-in heating coil, wick, and vape juice. With these systems, there’s no need to lash or swap reservoirs and atomizers as the unit is complete. In terms of operation and functionality, a vape pod works similarly to vape pens and vape mods – the cartridge/pod holds and vaporizes vape juice into vapour. Unlike the earlier-style vaping systems with huge refillable reservoirs and separated heating coils, the pod-powered systems only require a “fully-fledged” cartridge to do both the holding and vaporizing tasks. Ultimately, the unit becomes an all-in-one, complete, and maintenance-free system where all the necessary functions are packed in one device.

Vape pods are installed in a battery-powered vaping device. vapour is drawn through the device’s mouthpiece – upon which the pod is activated (auto-draw) or manually triggered by pressing a button on the device. For first-timers, drawing short puffs is the safest and simplest way to go. This way, you’ll feel and enjoy every bit of the vapour. Vape pods offer a superior and better method of nicotine delivery. They are also helpful for people seeking to quit smoking.

Advantages of Using a Vape Pod System

As aforementioned in this post, vape pod systems are taking the vaping industry by storm, thanks to their substantiated benefits. Vapers can start using them direct out the package. Beyond their user-friendly nature, feasibility and convenience are guaranteed. Some of the benefits that come with vape pod systems include:

  • Cost-effectiveness: while vape pods vary in cost based on the manufacturer and type of the device, they're proven to be way cheaper than consuming regular cigarettes.
  • Convenient: there is neither repair nor replacement of coils or wicks. Therefore, they offer vapers an easy and hassle-free experience. They’re an ultra-portable and no-muss option for vapers on the go.
  • Discreet: with vape pod systems, forget about generating those huge vapour clouds and drawing unnecessary attention. Pod vapes generate fairly-sized vapour cloud thanks to the low-power output and high nicotine concertation in the vape juice. This essentially implies vapers remain discreet especially in prohibited or public places.
  • Low maintenance: compared to huge and more sophisticated vapes such as box mods, vape pods require minimal maintenance. Wiping with a clean piece of cloth might be all that is required.
  • Leakproof: some vaping gears are prone to leak, coils burn out, complex parts become loose and vape juice leaks through the orifices making your clothes dirty. Vape pods are clean to your pocket and containment you pack them in.
  • Healthier: it’s been established by health experts and scientists all over the world that vaping is 95% healthier than regular cigarettes. The statement holds provided consumers source their supplies from accredited, trusted, and reputable suppliers like Wotofo.

Undoubtedly, vaping is thriving. Every day more and more smokers are switching to vape products in search of a better and healthier lifestyle. Specifically, pod vaping is the ultimate way to live a smoke-free life. It’s believed it’s the key to eliminating millions of avoidable smoking-related diseases and deaths.

Wotofo pods

Wotofo, the leading brand in the industry boasts of some of the best products on the markets such as OFRF nexMINI, and SMRT Pod kit among others.


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It’s the pioneer MTL pod system for vapers who love the versatility and tailoring of their vape experience. Besides, it’s ultra-portable and features dual heating cores to offer immense flavor and a phenomenal mouth-to-lung vaping experience. The vape pod comes with an 800-mAh rechargeable battery that can offer a full-day vaping capacity. The unit is available in seven colors: Black, Black-Green, Black-Red, Black-Blue, Silver, Gold, and Mocha Gold. It has a slim body shape, a waterproof cartridge slot, side filling option.

2. SMRT Pod kit

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It’s a leading candidate for portability, compatibility, ruggedness, and simplicity without compromising on the real purpose; a first-class vaping experience. This piece of equipment offers convenience to vapers at all levels; it’s user-friendly yet highly customizable. With numerous coil head rebuilding options, you can easily make modest adjustments on the device as you master vaping and begin playing around.


Vape pod systems are a modest and convenient way to enjoy a fascinating vape session regardless of your level of expertise or vaping style. Today, the industry offers a wide selection of options, in all shapes, styles, colors, and price tags, for you to choose from. Also, you can browse the magnificent collection of premium vape pod systems from industry leaders like Wotofo and make your purchase. So, the ball is in your court to choose what you like and that serves you the best.


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