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May 26 2021 0 Comments

Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt? How to Fix Burnt Taste in Vape?

Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt

Let’s be genuine and sincere, anybody who calls themselves a vaper has experienced it before: you draw your vape from the pocket, fill it with your favorite vape flavor, fire it up, and eagerly expect the most delicious fluffy vapor cloud from your “beast”, only to experience a shocking hit on your throat!

This is painful, and some would regard it as an unfair treatment worthless their investment in the vape and vape flavor. Although it’s more often an issue that’s more prevalent amongst newbie vapers, it’s also encountered by seasoned vapers who have been in the game for a while. Some would mistakenly argue or think their device is malfunctioning, which is not the case.

To disapprove of this assumption, they might fire up a brand new and even more expensive mod only to find themselves in the same predicament. Truly, it can be a disappointing problem to face if you do not understand the exact cause of vape taste burnt. Fortunately, breaking down a couple of basics can assist you in making sure that this does not reoccur.

Now, call it burnt taste, burnt hit, or sometimes dry hit, is an issue that revolves around the coil and the wick. The wick absorbs vape flavor held in the tank. Then the coil heats the vape flavor transforming it into vapor form, generating flavored clouds.

Nevertheless, if the wick is not properly saturated by the time you’re firing up your device, then it (wick) will burn. As the wick chars, there will be the production of a harsh burnt flavor that will probably result in the throat hit. At that point, you need to replace the wick as it’s essentially damaged. If the coil has been damaged in the process, consider replacing it as well.

If you’re a newbie in this vaping game, let me prepare you in advance. It’s happened to all of us: grabbing the vape you like most, taking some long puff, and rather than tasting the soothing flavor, you end up getting a nasty burnt taste resulting in an awful throat feeling is a common experience.

In reality, a burnt hit is something that might destroy your vaping mood. And it happens in almost all kinds of vapes, from typical vape pens to huge and hyped sub-ohm tanks. When it happens, it can completely ruin your day, kill the vibe, and even worse, discourage you from vaping.

Luckily, whereas there are several causes of burnt taste in vapes, there are corresponding ways of avoiding it. If you’ve experienced burnt hit before, let’s check some of the reasons that might have caused it.

1. You Didn’t Let Your Vape Flavor Sit

You didn't let your vape flavor sit

Before going into detail about why failing to let you vape flavor sit can result in a burnt taste, we should inform ourselves how pod mods and e-cigarettes really work. Every e-cig comes with an atomizer, whether you’re vaping from a vape pen or a classy box mod with sophisticated temperature and wattage controls.

An atomizer plays a very critical role – gently heats the vape flavor converting it into vapor and its flavorful taste that you enjoy. An atomizer comes with a wick, preferably cotton meant to soak the vape flavor. If your vape takes replaceable vape coils, then you might have seen cotton poking out through the vents surrounding the coil.

When you refill your box mod or whatever type of vape you’re having with vape flavor, and your fire it right away, chances are rather than heating the vape flavor in the atomizer, the wick will get vaporized instead. Since the cotton has not yet been sacked with the liquid, it will burn, resulting in a harsh burnt taste. The feeling will even get worse if you’re using a new coil – it’s entirely dry.

How do we fix it?

If you are experiencing burnt hit immediately upon re-filling your tank, most probably you haven’t allowed your vape flavor to sit. Simply leave the vape for the cotton to soak for approximately 5 to 10 minutes before your next puff and you will most likely notice that the bad taste vanishes.

But if you find that the nasty taste persists, you have probably ruined the coil; you should consider replacing it with a new one. All that you’re required is to dismantle the tank, unscrew the damaged coil, and replace it with a new one. If you’re using an e-cigarette – tank without replaceable coils, you will be forced to replace the entire cartomizer.


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2. You Haven’t Primed Your Coil

If you can’t wait for the vape flavor sit, the best practice when preparing to vape with a brand new vape coil is opening the tank and priming the coil head, before re-filling it, enabling the wicking material to get saturated for some minutes and only from then vaping on it.

To prime your coil simply implies wetting the wick and the coil directly ensuring that it is properly saturated with vape flavor prior to vaping – dry cotton will burn. A new coil can be easy to burn, they sometimes tend to be stubborn. This can be attributed to the wick which is tight making it a bit less porous to liquid until it’s adequately vaped in.

The whole idea is to pay attention when a new coil head is installed, to ensure that it soaks thoroughly. Otherwise, the air pockets within the cotton won’t be budged and the result will be unfriendly taste and smell once the vape is fired.

How do we fix it?

This is pretty easy; just prime your coil, that’s all. Unscrew the tank cap to keep your coil head and wick exposed. Drop a couple of vape flavor drops on the exposed cotton wick from the top to saturate it. Reassemble your tank and fill your tank. Wait for approximately 5 minutes before firing.


3. You Haven’t Changed Your Vape Coil for Some Time

Change Your Vape Coil

Like any other mechanical part in a machine, coils have a life, and when they are “dying” they usually start experiencing burnt or dry hit often. If the experience is becoming unbearable, consider replacing the coil. Also, prolonged heating with the same coil especially when experiencing burnt hit will damage the cotton or the entire kit altogether.

How do we fix it?

There’s no shortcut about it; you’re required to simply remove the worn-out coil, carefully dispose it, and install a new one. The whole process will depend on your technicality with your vape or the type of tank you’re using but often you need to unscrew the tank to access the location of the coil, pull it out and swap with a new one.

Remember to clean your vape before installing the new coil into its position. For e-cigarette-like vapes using cartomizers or clearomizer, you are only required to screw in place a completely new one.


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4. You’re Vaping at Too-High Wattage Levels

Vape mods with variable wattage/voltage features allow vapers to set the extend/amount of power flowing through the vape coil when they’re taking hits from the devices; to achieve a more satisfying personalized vaping experience. Generally, a higher wattage level results in more vapor production.

Nevertheless, each coil has its recommended maximum voltage/wattage setting for the generation of flavor and vapor. going past these limits pushes the coil to experience a burnt hit as it attains too much temperature/heat vaporizing the vape flavor too fast. If you’re vaping at higher wattages than the recommended levels and you’re getting burnt taste from your device, then you are ruining your coil and device as well.

How do we fix it?

Check on your vape packaging for the recommended range of wattage or on the side of the coil head. After getting the right information, teach yourself to stay within the required range.


5. You’re Using the Wrong Vape Flavor

Vapes are build and designed for different vape flavors. So, maybe you’re using the wrong kind of vape flavor. Whether you’re a newbie or you’ve been in this game for some time, you’re probably aware of some terms like 50/50, VG, PG, and sub-ohm tanks among others.

VG stands for vegetable glycerin and it’s blended with PG and nicotine (or only PG for nicotine-free vape flavors). High-VG vape flavors are characterized by the production of dense vapor plumes and smooth throat hit. PG stands for propylene glycol, and this carries the flavor. A high-PG vape flavor generates plenty of flavors.

Sub-ohm tanks are popular vape types used with low resistance coils and suitable for cloud chasing. The 50/50 ratio simply refers to the ratio of PG and VG in a vape flavor, this time implying equal parts of VG and PG are used.

So, what’s the implication of the above explanation? Suppose you’re using a high-VG vape flavor in your sub-ohm tank, the device will function correctly – the tank and vape flavor are meant for generating huge vapor clouds. If you substitute this with a high-PG highly-level nicotine vape flavor, you’re likely going to experience a burnt hit.

How do we fix it?

It’s easy as just using the right vape flavor for your vape. If you’re a newbie, consider asking from a friend to avoid disappointments.


6. You’ve Chain Vaped a Lot

There are several times when we just do it for fun, social anxiety, or impress our mates. Suppose you are feeling socially anxious and rather than looking cool you end up blowing some massive vapor clouds continuously. If you aren't used to that, you may experience some lungful of burns and begin splattering all over.

If I’m the only person cautioning you to restrain from chain vaping, take it to the bank because it will one day cause some pain in your throat. True, some vape coils are designed to tolerate that kind of vaping for serial chain vapers while others can’t simply handle it. Also, there’re levels or behavior of chain vaping that aren’t welcoming at all or uncalled for, for lack of a better word!

For instance, someone attempting to master a new trick, say to blow smoke rings and they’re ignoring the fact that their tank is getting too hot. What will happen after the tank is overheated as a result of chain vaping is the vape flavor gets overheated, vaporizing even faster for the coil to sufficiently saturate by the time they are drawing the puff, causing a “delicious” charcoal-like inhale.

How do we fix it?

Always be vigilant. Check on the temperature of your tank, it shouldn’t get more heat than you can comfortably touch.

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7. Your Wick is Clogged

Vape flavors with too much colorant, high nicotine concentrations, and plenty of sweeteners may cause clogging on your wicking materials when regularly used. While it’s not necessarily prohibited to vape flavors that tend to caramelize in the wick, have heavy colors, or mess up the coils, some of the best and high flavored vape flavors are just too good for some vapers to abstain and in such a case they’ll end up clogging your wick, and thereby causing burnt taste in future.

How do we fix it?

If you’re not satisfied after using a lighter vape flavor and only a heavy one leaves you in the best mood, then we cannot force you to out; we’ll only give a piece of advice, simply clean or rinse your coil to prevent experiencing a short life span of your coil.


From the above discussion, it’s clear that vape taste burnt results from charred wick inside the coil. Also, there’re various reasons why that occurs, the majority of which can be easily prevented.

The vape coil cannot last forever, and it’s a fact it needs to be replaced regularly, usually after a week or two. But depending on the style or type of device you’re using, you may find yourself swapping them more or less often compared to your mates

For instance, heavy vapers might require replacing their coils every week or less while someone who uses their vapes less often might take even a month to swap theirs. That said, you should avoid vape taste burnt to experience an awesome vaping life.


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