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Apr 14 2021 0 Comments

The Best POD Vapes of 2021 - Top Vape POD Systems You Must Try

best pod vapes

We’ve got new “babies” in the world of vaping: pod mod systems are the latest vapes to hit the market this year. They are targeting the newbie vapers including smokers who would like to turn away from smoking. The reason behind this is that they are small in size, user-friendly, and most importantly pocket-friendly.

Since these devices are increasingly becoming popular in the last few months, companies across the globe have joined in the race to exhibit their prowess in matters of vape manufacturing. Consequently, it’s become difficult especially for new vapers to determine which vape pod is the best.

That’s why we at Wotofo are making your journey easy by bringing you some of the best vape pod systems, their respective descriptions, and how to get them. Shopping for these refillable vapes can be done online or in the nearby vaping store when required. They include SMRT Pod Kit, Manik Mini Pod Kit, OFRF NEXMINI Pod, and Wotofo Manik Pod Mod.

What is a Pod System?

what is a pod system

A pod system can be explained as one of the types of vape that’s a step higher than a basic e-cigarette but less advanced than those large-sized sophisticated vaporizers. Newbies and ex-smokers seeking to transition from cigarettes may find vaporizers and another full-sized mod system too large, confusing, unfamiliar, hard to use.

Nevertheless, they may also find e-cigs to be too limited and not offering them the best satisfaction. For them, pod systems are the best solutions to their needs. They are given the name “pod” as they fit pods – small amounts of vape flavor refill meant particularly for these sorts of vapes.

Some pod systems come pre-filled with particular vape flavors, although other models feature refillable pods enabling vapers to fill whatever type of vape flavor they prefer.

Pod systems are suitable middle-step devices between simple cig-a-like and complex vape systems. They are meant for simple/stealth vaping with excellent compactness.

Best Vape Pod System

1. SMRT Pod Kit

smrt pod kit

This is also regarded as the most dynamic vape pod system in the market. The world of vaping has had rapid growth in the past couple of years, with vaping products coming in various shapes, styles, and sizes. Vaping products, especially vape pods, have increased in their use and popularity among vapers in the industry.

These devices have become increasingly important for people switching from cigarette smoking to seek an alternative method of nicotine delivery. Nevertheless, some former smokers tend to feel that certain types of vapes are a bit huge, heavyweight, sophisticated, and require some level of learning.

Luckily, Wotofo is introducing into the market an SMRT pod kit which serves as a perfect solution to this problem. SMRT Pod Kit offers a convenient user experience by providing lightweight, compact, easy-to-use, and easy-to-carry and hold vapes.

The vape is characterized by:

  • Playable: Wotofo believes in offering its customers the most enjoyable vaping experience ever through the products they offer. Besides, consumers can tailor these products to achieve the best vaping experience. SMRT Pod Kit is a master of beauty – elegant, appealing, and portable. The pod system is arguably the most versatile vape in the market. For instance, SMRT Pod Kit enables vapers to use the vaporizer without the worry of fiddling with sophisticated settings that they may confuse. Its playability enables it to be used by vapers of all levels; from newbies to professional vapers.
  • The more SMRT Pod Kit is used, the more enjoyable and better the experience becomes: indeed, SMRT Pod Kit is the brand’s way of offering convenience for vapers regardless of their level. This basic pod system is an easy one to be understood by anyone. It’s highly customizable, comes with several coil rebuilding options, and it’s possible to make some adjustments to the system while you’re learning and playing around with the vape. Rather than buying a simple vape like an e-cig and upgrading to a better or more advanced vape, SMRT Pod Kit will serve you well as it can work as a simple device and a complex one simultaneously.
  • Interactive: experienced vapers would prefer an RTA or RDA to allow them to rebuild coil heads for a customized vaping experience. Customers who prefer vape pod lack the fun as these devices are a bit rigid and hard for a tailored vape experience. Fortunately, the advent of the SMRT Pod Kit solves this problem once and for all. The device is packed with various coil options that enable vapes to revolutionize their ability making vaping more interactive and thrilling.
  • Easy hacking of coil heads: in the package, you will get MANIK S Battery, PnP Pod Cartridge, PnP Rebuildable Coil Kit, D15 Clapton M Coil, Type-C Charging Cable, and User Manual.
  • Wonderful vaping experience: the brand strives to have its customers enjoy an amazing vape experience. The superior performance perfectly matches its appearance. The SMRT Pod Kit features a 4.5 ml tank capacity, powered by a 2000 mAh battery that can deliver up to 80 watts output power, and nexCHIP technology. It’s available in four colors: black, black-blue, black-red, and gold.

2. Manik Mini Pod Kit

Manik Mini Pod Kit allows vapers to upgrade their vaping style to the next level. The stunning mouthpiece comes with a 1000 mAh inbuilt battery combined with a fine-tuned design that allows it to fit perfectly between the lips.

The Li-ion battery enables the device to charge faster and serve for a long period with minimal recharging. Its design of the air passage facilitates mouth-to-lung vaping while offering a flavorful vape experience.

Manik Mini Pod Kit is well-known for:

  • Stylish leather surface: this offers it a fabulously comfortable and stylish finish that combines fashion and functionality seamlessly. The leather surface is popular for its undeniable ideality for contact with the skin combined with great longevity and tolerance. Manik Mini Pod Kit is lightweight and comes with a compact design. Besides, designers of Manik Mini Pod Kit say the best design is underway.
  • Safest pod vape system: the device is protected by NexCHIP technology, stacking it up with 1-millisecond firing speed, different safety shutoffs, and various protection functionalities. With Manik Mini Pod Kit, the vaper is allowed to vape on while nexCHIP safeguards them together with the device. More interesting, technological advancements don’t stop here, as a matter of fact, this vape automatically activated when drawing a puff from it and eliminates the need of pressing the firing button when vaping – auto-draw style pods are taking vaping to another level.
  • Refillable tank and built-in coils: with the help of a button and an on-screen output power adjustment, vapers can vary wattage on their devices in the range of 1 and 30 watts. Beyond its remarkable external appearance, Manik Mini Pod Kit is an easy and convenient device to boast about. It features a refillable tank and built-in coils such that when the old one gets ruined, the vaper replaces it.


Arguably the pioneer mouth-to-lung pod system from Wotofo. OFRF NEXMINI POD is meant for vapers who love the versatility and customizing their vaping experience.

OFRF NEXMINI POD is a highly portable vape pod that features double heating cores to offer vapers an immense flavor while providing a phenomenal MTL experience. The vape comes with an 800 mAh rechargeable battery offering a whole day vaping ability. The device is available in a variety of colors such as black, black-red, black-green, black-blue, silver, gold, and mocha.

OFRF NEXMINI POD is slim in shape – resembles a classic vape pen and designed for both mesh-coil and wire coil comes with a 2.5 ml capacity vape flavor reservoir. Its outer cover is built from aluminum alloy plus PCTG material making it one of the most durable pod systems.

The vape features a Type-C charging system for easy and fast charging capacity. It’s a side refilling vape which makes it easy for refilling purposes and the cartridge slot is waterproof.

OFRF NEXMINI Pod comes with several features such as:

  • Adjustable airflow: its advanced airflow customization features allow the vaper to boast of the immense vapor and flavor or their preference. The air intake is position at the bottom to meet various air intake requirements. OFRF NEXMINI Pod offers a great level of control between flavor and generation of vapor to suit various vaping styles/methods.
  • Compact and stylish design: its slender and compact design gives it an appealing appearance as a sleek and seamless vape. OFRF NEXMINI Pod is a mesh coil type of vape and is available in seven colors. It’s fine-textured and durable.
  • Ideal MTL Mesh pod: its design, adjustable airflow, improved customization features, heating cores as well as resistance makes OFRF NEXMINI Pod an ideal MTL pod system.
  • Flavor delivery; compatible with both mesh and wire coils: OFRF NEXMINI Pod features a pre-installed M22 nexMESH and M21 Parallel coils. With this type of coils, you will get a super cool heating capability for great flavor delivery and vapor production.

4. Wotofo Manik Pod Mod

The Wotofo Manik Pod Mod was the pioneer pod mod from a reputable brand. The pod system is equipped with the latest nexCHIP and assembled for a single-battery pack 18650 battery. It’s one of the best performing pod systems with the capability to fire in 1 millisecond.

The cartridge for Wotofo Manik Pod Mod holds 4.5 ml of vape flavor when full eliminating regular refilling. Indeed, Wotofo Manik Pod Mod is a game-changer for lovers of flavors. The vape is compatible with four different types of atomizing cores and perfectly matches with Vaporesso GTX Coils and Voopoo PNP Coils. This pod system is ideal for ex-smokers who are looking for an ideal atomizer.

Why is Wotofo Manik Pod Mod a must buy?

  • More flavor, refillable, and ideal for sub-ohm vaping: Wotofo Manik Pod Mod is surely meant for vapers yearning to enjoy varieties of flavors and wonderful sensations. The refillable pod system is designed for refilling to enjoy the best flavorful vape flavor. Its method of refilling is easy: requires opening the silicone plug of the cartridge, and pouring vape flavor into the cartridge, closing the plug, and letting the vape sit for around 5 minutes.
  • Waterproof, durable pod system: its cartridge is waterproof making it ideal for vapers prone to dropping their vapes. the cartridge makes this device durable.
  • Replaceable coils: indeed the most impressive part of this pod system. With Wotofo Manik Pod Mod, you can use up to four different types of coils and enjoy your vape flavor.
  • Compatible with Vaporesso and Voopoo Devices: the pod system is compatible with devices that use GTX and PnP coils. The various types of coils include:
    • D11 COIL Single Netmesh Coil 0.2 ohms: these are ideal for lovers of rich and warm tasting vapor.
    • D13 COIL A1 Nexmesh Coil 0.2 ohms: these are ideal for high quality, flavorful and huge vapor clouds. The coil perfectly matches with Manik pod mod to offer a sweet steel-mesh taste.
    • D14 COIL A1 Conical Nexmesh Coil: considering the flavors, this coil technology delivers a warm and thick taste.
    • D15 COIL Single Clapton Mesh Coil 0.2 ohms: often found in new Manik pod mods that offer a new vaping experience.
  • Rebuildable pod system: immensely popular as they are user-friendly, portable, and affordable.

What is the Best PG/VG for pod systems?

Vape pod systems are great hardware for vaping. These devices, however, aren’t ideal for max VG as they are pretty small-size units. Many pod systems are designed to work best with a 50/50 VG/PG blend. This is because the atomizers inside these systems have tightly packed coils.

Since VG has a thick consistency, it won’t wick fast as required. For people longing to chain vape, the trouble is even bigger. Also, the majority of pod systems use lower wattage. This implies that using a higher VG vape flavor can cause dry hit vape.


Vape pod systems benefit vapers of all levels; smokers seeking a healthier alternative, expert vapers seeking to experience MTL vapes, and budget vapers seeking to save an extra coin. Pod systems are simple, user-friendly, and portable. Grab a vape pod today and enjoy your favorite vape flavor.



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