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How to Store Vape Juice Properly? Top Tips for e-Juice Storage

how to store vape juice

Are you aware that the global vaping industry is estimated to clinch $ 47.11 billion by 2025? Are you aware of the best practices to treat your vape juice to make it last longer? There’s no room to worry because everything you need to know about e-juice storage is discussed here.

Now, consuming your favorite e-juice flavors on a routine basis comes with daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly costs. Sometimes you may feel like it’s a race you’re trying with your e-juice even if you aren’t vaping all day.

True, it may imply that you have attempted every kind of flavor available in the stores, but most likely it’s an issue with your wallet. It’s therefore important to check on your consumption, and most importantly, in the manner how you store your vape juice.

Sure, vape juice is a paramount and relatively costly part of vaping, especially for people who deal with premium e-liquids. This fact forces some vaper to consider making their own vape juices. Okay, presuming that you’ve got tons of e-liquids in your house, – the more you prepare/purchase in bulk, the longer it will take to store and the more money is going to be saved – appropriate storage is a critical practice.

To start with, the majority of e-liquids have a long shelf life: they can last up to a year or two. Besides their long expiration dates, storing them properly enables a great batch fresh even beyond their best-by duration.

Whether you’re a newbie or you’ve been vaping for some time, understanding the right storage for vape juices isn’t a joke! Storing your supplies properly and maintaining their freshness helps you get the right flavor for a longer time. Most importantly, it doesn't require rocket science to know how they are supposed to be kept, neither does it eat much of your time, just simple knowledge.

If you prefer buying your e-juice in bulk, then there are simple techniques that you’re supposed to know. The majority of people opt to purchase in bulk because it’s a bit cheaper and they won’t run out of the supplies when they require them. For vapers who find it hard to store their e-liquids in the right way, they are advised to buy them in small quantities or stick to disposable e-cigarettes.

How to Make Vape Juice Last Longer?

To get some relief on your wallet, you need to apply some bit of economics; no unnecessary wastage of e-juice, and the methods are just as easy as you may think.

First, you need to ditch the high-powered mods or at least avoid using them at full power. Although vaping with mods can be of great fun as their advanced features offer splendid controls to generate massive clouds, they make you consume a lot of juice. If you need your vape juice to last longer, then vaping with mods isn’t a good idea. Instead, switch to pod mods and vape pens.

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Second, increase the level of nicotine in your vape juice. This way, you will reduce your intake of e-juices and save it another day.

Third, consider a high-PG e-juice. This can perfectly work with high-resistance and low wattage coils for optimal flavor delivery.

Lastly, try nic salts to get smoother throat hits and fast delivery of nicotine. This implies that only small amounts of e-juice will be used to achieve satisfaction.

All these are meant to reduce your intake of e-juice while receiving the same satisfaction.

Does Vape Juice Go Bad?

vape juice storing tips

How long does your vape juice last? The answer to this question is a bit more difficult to pin down. Typically, flavors start to degrade barely after one year – especially for fruity-flavored e-juices. Luckily, this can be extended with the right storage practices.

When stored in the right containers, away from unfavorable environmental conditions, in completely-filled bottles, e-liquids can stay a bit longer in good conditions. What’s considered important during the storage is the flavor. But it’s good to know that the change in flavor doesn’t mean the entire e-liquid has gone bad. It only develops some “strange” characteristics as time goes on, just like wine!

But we must ask ourselves whether or not vape juice does go bad. And the most obvious answer is, “Yes, it does!” E-juices are prepared with organic ingredients like vegetable glycerin (VG) and nicotine that require appropriate storage to retain their freshness, failure to which the results are detrimental to your vape juice.

You might need to know more about the VG-PG ratio in the eliquid.

For instance, improper storage causes the VG and nicotine to go bad, and the whole stuff tastes and smells awful. To prolong its freshness and preserve the flavors in them, we must consider three main environmental factors: heat, light, and air. Exposing the vape juice to these three things, it decays at a faster rate.

This is where the commonly used phrase, “store in a dark, cool place” comes in. While temperatures in the home cabinet or drawer may be sufficient, the majority of vapers prefer storing their e-juices in freezers and refrigerators.

If you’re opting to store your e-juice in a freezer to preserve its freshness, perhaps you may be worried your juice will freeze to ice and would require thawing before filling your vape. That’s not the case as e-liquids don’t freeze. But, they do become thick and their viscosity increases that is why it’s recommended to give them some time before consuming them if they are being pulled out of a freezer after prolonged storage.

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When Does Vape Juice Expire?

The date of expiry in e-liquids is simply an estimation of the period when the product will be guaranteed to have the same quality and freshness as when it was originally manufactured.

Depending on the type of mix and ingredients used, typically, most e-juices can last up to two years. Nicotine free e-juices can last beyond this period as the nicotine content is subject to breakdown affecting the entire product. Despite the change in taste and flavor, an expired e-juice changes its color.

5 Tips for Effective e-Juice Storage

e-juice safe storage tips

The simplest and most appropriate way of storing e-juice supplies is by placing them in a freezer. And this serves well for e-juices that aren’t used often – for long-term storage. This way, no air now light can come into contact with the e-juice, and this prevents oxidation.

Moreover, with the cold temperature, the e-liquid stays cool. The organic ingredients remain fresh for a longer time. For those that are used frequently, like a bottle that you’ve already opened, storing them in a refrigerator is recommended as there is a need to warm them up before refilling your vape.

Below are the best tips to consider when storing your e-liquid effectively.

1) Storing in a Dry, Cool, Dark Place

Do you know how to do it right? Where are you keeping it right now? I guess it’s in your pocket, your cupboard, in a drawer somewhere inside your study room, on your kitchen window, or somewhere else that I’ve forgotten about. If this is true then you are doing it in the wrong way. The principal technique or realizing longevity with e-juices is preventing the three factors mentioned above.

Storing your e-juice in a refrigerator and a freezer is the right method. But, a quick reminder about storing your vape juice in a freezer or fridge: some vapers think while others claim that storing e-juices in such conditions manipulate the state as well as consistency of the e-liquid.

The solution is just simple: you simply need to let the juice return to ambient room temperature before filling your mod. One thing you must understand is that the majority of ingredients used to prepare e-juices are sensitive to both light and temperature.

What about when not at home, perhaps when traveling in your car for a whole day? Does this mean that you should stash your e-juice bottle on your car dashboard in a 90-degree atmosphere? Certainly not! You should consider storing it in your car refrigerator. Make sure that the bottle is airtight and the lids are placed back once you’re finished with it.

2) Storing in a Refrigerator

Just like other consumables such as vegetables, drinks, or fruits you may want to keep in the fridge, the same can be done to the e-juices.

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that the two primary ingredients (vegetable glycerin and Propylene Glycol) freeze at different temperatures implying that the two liquids will be separate upon drawing the e-juice from the refrigerator. It’s therefore recommended to always shake your e-liquid to mix them and give it some time to warm up.

Another problem is that storing them in the refrigerator makes them available to children. To avoid misuse and mishandling by the unintended persons in the house, they should only be kept in the refrigerator if no one can mess up with them or in heights where they are out of reach from kids.

3) Storing in a Freezer

The same logic that’s used to store foodstuffs is considered when storing e-liquids in a freezer. Notwithstanding, depending on the type of mix, the ingredients in the e-juice react differently to very low temperatures.

For instance, PG freezes at -59 degrees while VG freezes at -38 degrees. Considering that the majority of conventional freezers sit at -18 degrees implying that these bases don’t freeze but separate massively under these temperatures changing the flavor and consistency profiles. Besides, we can restate them by allowing them to warm up at the room temperature before consuming them.

4) Use Glass Bottles

For short-term storage, plastic bottles can be used to hold e-juices as they light to move around with, hard to break in case of accidental falls, and cheaper.

Nevertheless, glass bottles are more classy and appealing to the eye. They are preferred for long-term storage of e-juices. They come in all sorts of stylish shapes, sizes, and colors. Glass is widely accepted as the best material for manufacturing containers for storage-related purposes.

With e-juices, glass containers are no exception as they don’t tamper with the flavor: the exact flavor is delivered; just as it came from the manufacturer. The secret is that glass doesn’t leach and is non-porous. So, it doesn’t have pores where molecules can enter the pores or stick. Ergo, for long-term storage of e-liquids, glass is the best material. Also, it doesn’t react with the juice, meaning the taste and flavor will remain unchanged.

Moreover, glass can be reused and/or recycled several times. The glass bottles are ever ready for reusing once the e-liquid stored in them is finished. With detergent and clean water, the bottles can be put into use again. The majority of manufacturers prefer recycled glass as it’s economical to reuse it than making a new one.

5) Watching the Date of Expiry

Like any consumable product, vape juices have an expiration date and this is indicated alongside the date of manufacturing. This tells you that you should be keen every time you are purchasing e-liquids from your store and ways to ensure that it meets all the requirements needed. Due to a lack of standard guidance on how long a vape juice should last, there’s no exact expiration date for e-juices.

Nevertheless, if you are worried how much time an e-juice should last, there is a consensus that depending on the type of flavoring and level of nicotine in the e-juice mix, the best-by duration for the majority of e-juices is between one and two years. After this period, the juice will certainly lose its original flavor and the intended quality.

Now, once the expiration date is known, we must always ensure that the receptacle that contains the e-juice is properly sealed to prevent air and bacteria that may spoil it.


Proper storage is a vital practice for all vaping supplies, including vaping devices. Pets and kids are mischievous and should be considered to prevent mishandling of stored supplies. They should be stored in high cabinets in childproof bottles, ensure the cabinet, freezer, or fridge doors are closed, and ensure that no e-liquid bottles are left lying anyhow.


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