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What Happens When You Start Vaping After You Quit Smoking?

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Hundreds of thousands if not millions of people all over the world have already quit smoking with the help of vapes. Essentially, a vape assists smokers to manage their nicotine craving and there is growing evidence that these devices are very effective.

So, are you struggling to quit regular cigarettes to no avail? Chances are you’ve not devised an alternative way of managing your nicotine craving. Try it today with an e-cig. Well, we all understand the health risks associated with the consumption of ordinary cigarettes. By quitting combustible tobacco, you will undo a lot of damage. But as aforementioned, quitting smoking is not a walk in the park, it’s a tough journey to accomplish.

Luckily, the consumption of vapes, or simply vaping is a helpful way to quit combustible cigarettes as you can still get nicotine with fewer toxins than in regular cigarettes. With vapes, you’ll get to stay very social with friends and family, spend less, and feel better once you’ve fully stopped smoking. Now, there is a lot of discussion about the countless benefits people enjoy once they quit smoking.

This is true as it’s been established that changes occur immediately after taking your last sniff. Within twenty minutes of quitting smoking, your heart rate will drop. Twelve hours later, the oxygen level in your blood will start returning to its normal level. This is because vapes do not generate carbon monoxide – a poisonous gas produced by combustible cigarettes.

Your body starts eliminating the carbon monoxide you’ve been inhaling and there would be plenty of space to absorb oxygen into your bloodstream, which is needed in all body cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems. Within a day of transitioning from ordinary cigarettes to vapes, your body will have eliminated all the residue carbon monoxide. Your body organs such as the lungs and heart will start to repair and remove all toxic debris that has piled there.

Within two to three days, your immune system will improve and will begin repairing receptors in your mouth and nose, damaged by toxins in combustible cigarettes. You’ll notice an improvement in your sense of taste. By this time, you start to enjoy food and drinks, things that you might have lost interest in. Also, you’ll notice an improvement in your sense of scent, so you’ll be able to perceive a broader range of smells that you’ve missed. And you will observe many changes as time passes by, as later explained in this post.

The Benefits of Vaping Compared to Others

Being healthy is all you need to go far. It’s your time to take full responsibility for yourself and decide whether you want to lead a healthy life or not. Of course, you will say yes, so you should scrap anything that doesn’t mean well to your well-being. And smoking is one of the habits.

If you stop it today, you’ll certainly add more years to your life. While quitting smoking is not as easy as the talk, there are a couple of alternatives to aid the course. You can use vapes instead to assist you to quit regular cigarettes faster. To understand better, here are the advantages that come with the consumption of vapes:

Vaping Is Significantly Less Harmful To Your Health

The consumption of vapes is approximated to be 95 percent healthier than smoking. Also, vaping is used as an effective method to quit smoking, which is one of the greatest benefits.

Vape juices contain way fewer toxic by-products compared to regular cigarettes and their residues do not stay in the body systems like in the case of tar. Smokers who switch to vaping quickly notice great health benefits such as lower heart rate (blood pressure), easier breathing, improvement of the immune system, and improved sense of scent, all within a span of a short period.

Vaping Is Cheaper

Estimates indicate that smoking one pack (20 cigarettes) per day amounts to about £3000 per year. According to the Office for Statistics (2015), an average smoker in the United Kingdom consumed 11.3 cigarettes a day in 2015. Using that information, we can find that an average cigarette user spends roughly £1700 each year on cigarettes. Of course, that will vary depending on the brand and other factors. But it’s a fair estimate for an average cigarette consumer.

Now, it is worth noting that vapes and related products cost more in upfront fee but are considerably cheaper on a long-term basis compared to regular cigarettes. For instance, an average vaper can spend around £30 upfront and additional accessories such as replacement coils, batteries, and cartridges about £100 per year.

Once you’ve made a bulk purchase, vaping massively reduces compared with regular cigarettes. You can buy vape juice at any price point. For example, a good quality e-juice can cost you about £8 per 10 ml and this may last for a week. This will cost you only $416 a year, far less than $1700 spent by an average smoker.

Passive Vaping (second-hand vapour) Is Less Harmful Than Passive Smoke

Research shows that passive smoke from burning cigarettes is not only harmful to the smoker, but also to the people around them. Also, it’s been established that the smoke contains over 7000 chemicals and more than 70 carcinogens. Secondhand smoke causes different ailments in kids such as increased risks of SIDS - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, asthma and asthma attacks, ear diseases, nose infections, throat infections, respiratory conditions such as pneumonia, and bronchitis.

Vapour Does Not Linger Like Tobacco Smoke

Researches have revealed that vapour produced by vapers breaks down within a very short time, without compromising the quality of air around the user, even in poorly ventilated spaces. After vapour disappears, it wouldn’t be a concern to vapers. On the other hand, smoke from combustible cigarettes can last for over thirty minutes. Also, while aggravating the effect of secondhand smoking, the smoke sinks into surfaces and fabrics in the place. That’s why almost all smokers find their furniture, electronics, clothes, curtains, utensils, et al., smelling and sometimes staining tobacco smoke.

Wider Variety

Another benefit that vaping should be considered over others is that there is a wide range of varieties to choose from. It’s a much better way of enjoying nicotine in accompaniment of different flavors.

That said, it’s now clear that people do switch from regular cigarettes to vapes for logical reasons; for health benefits, to save money, to increase their lifespan, or to improve their social life among others. Whatever the reason for their transition, vaping helps handsomely.

Nonetheless, there must be a reason why vapes and associated products have become so popular recently; it’s excellent for smokers seeking to quit. But what should they expect from what happens from the day they quit smoking and begin vaping? Indeed, quitting smoking does not happen overnight, it’s a process.

It’s never facile to give in to cigarettes and fight through all those cravings regardless of how long you’ve been smoking. But when you use vapes as an aid to quit smoking, they’ll help you experience a smoother transition into a smoke-free lifestyle.

So, what really happens, 20 minutes, eight hours, two days, 2 weeks, three months, nine months, five years, and even ten to fifteen years after you quit smoking?

After 20 – 30 Minutes

Within 20 to 30 minutes of absolutely stubbing out smoking from your life, a whole host of benefits comes immediately. Your blood pressure returns to normal as well as your pulse rate. By the end of the 20 minutes, your hands and feet will begin to warm up thanks to the immediate improvement in your blood circulation.

After Two Hours

Two hours after deciding to turn your back on smoking, peripheral blood circulation – blood circulation throughout your body – starts to improve. Now, smoking causes constriction of blood vessels resulting in restriction of blood circulation to body extremes (feet and hands). Consequently, body temperature in your body decreases. Two hours after quitting regular cigarettes, you’ll not that your hands and feet will start warming up as there is improvement in blood circulation.

After 12 Hours

Half a day after your last puff, your carbon monoxide levels subside and return to normal. Carbon monoxide –colorless, odorless, and poisonous gas – inhibits the amount of oxygen absorbed into your bloodstream. Consequently, your body organs such as lungs, heart, brain, liver, and kidneys among others are deprived of oxygen.

Besides, higher levels of carbon monoxide can cause dizziness, nausea, and headache. Also, after 12 hours, you may notice various symptoms of nicotine beginning to set in such as hunger, headache, irritability, anger, or lack of concentration.

One Day (24 Hours)

After 24 hours of being an ex-smoker, you will have reduced your risk of experiencing a heart attack, thanks to the improvement in your blood circulation, pulse rate, and return of your blood pressure to normal, which all aid your heart function optimally. You may experience coughing fits as your body will be working to eliminate debris and mucus filed in the lung.

Two Days (48 Hours)

48 hours after saying goodbye to regular cigarettes, your immune system will start to improve. Your sense of scent and taste will be restored as nerve endings in the mouth and nose will begin to regrow. During this period, nicotine craving and another withdrawal symptom will manifest more as your nicotine levels will be dwindling.

Three Days (72 Hours)

Three days later, your lungs will start functioning normally as inflammation will reduce. The bronchial tubes will begin to relax. Regrowth of cilia – microtubule-based hair-like structures in the lungs that assist in clearing airways by eliminating mucus and bacteria – will start. Whereas cigarette smoke damages or obstructs them from working properly, they will quickly regrow once you stop smoking.

One Week (7 Days)

After one week of quitting combustible tobacco, nicotine cravings will typically drop and will taper out in the subsequent weeks. Also, other withdrawal symptoms will subside and coughing will reduce as mucus production will have dropped and cilia have regrown.

One Month

One month later, lung function will have improved by 30%. By this time, you feel “lighter” and easier to trek for longer distances. Also, you will have very little craving for nicotine and coughing fits.

Six Months

After six months, your lung capacity will have regrown. You’ll notice you’re no longer having shortness of breath and you’ll have more energy.

One Year

A year later, you’ll be 50% out of danger from coronary heart disease. You’ll be able to fight colds thanks to the regrowth of cilia helping you to eliminate infections easily.

10 Years

After a decade, you’ll be free from any risk of lung disease. Smoking thickens blood while narrowing the arteries, putting the smoker at higher risk for strokes and blood clots. Ten years later, having quit smoking, your arteries will have to widen and heal, and your probability of suffering from stroke will significantly reduce.

15 Years

Fifteen years later, after having quit smoking, your risk of succumbing to heart disease and other heart-related diseases is similar to a person who never smoked.


While smoking causes severe and life-threatening conditions to your body, it does not imply these damages are irreparable. Your health can be restored if you quit smoking. Other than the known physical benefits such as improved lung functioning, reduced risks of deadly heart diseases, stroke, and cancers, persons who quit regular cigarettes also benefit from improved mental health.

There’re a couple of improvements that occur within the first few hours of quitting smoking like stress relief and improved mental health. With the whole host of advantages that come with quitting regular cigarettes, your right time to quit has come. You can plan with the best resources available that will make you love the whole idea of transitioning to vaping; enjoy a healthier life, better social life, save money for yourself and your family, as well as avoid deadly diseases. If it’s tough to quit, consider enlisting your doctor, family, and peers to support you. Be joyful and celebrate every milestone along your journey.

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