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What Wattage Should I Vape at? Best Wattage for Vaping Guide

best wattage for vaping

100 watts. No, I’m kidding. That’s what my mod is set at. There is no exact answer to this FAQ. Listen, if you try priming your coil, load the tank onto your beast, and crank the mod to a wattage of 200 watts, I’m sure of one thing that will happen: your coil will burn out at the spot and probably you’re going to cough your guts up.

What Wattage Should I Vape At?

Often, regardless of the type of tank, the best performance of the majority of vapes occurs between 80 and 100 watts. Higher wattages will render your coil “useless” – burn out and reduce the battery life.

Think this way, you can press your BMW 5 Series to 200 MPH, right? But how often will you do that? Most probably once and you won’t repeat it, or never! Why? Simply because it’s against the law but most importantly it’s a crazy speed to handle. This too applies in vaping, where low and steady wattage is always the right way to handle your mod. With this wattage range, you can still achieve the best flavors and blow wild clouds. Everything will last longer, save some money on coils and vape flavors.

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No you know what wattage should you vape at, but what about temperature control vaping? Don’t mess with temperature control as well. It’s a cool feature of mods as it allows the vaper to manipulate the temperature at what their atomizer will fire at. Vapers are allowed to set it to whatever level of their preference. For example, if they are vaping sweeter vape flavor, they could set the temperature control nice and low, to juice-out the best flavors ever.

How Does Wattage Affect Your Device?

How Does Wattage Affect Your Device

First, we need to understand the meaning of wattage. It simply refers to the amount of power used by an electronic device; a vape in this case. The adjustment of wattage involves the alteration of temperature generated in the atomizer while the vape is being heated.

Temperature adjustment enables vapers to fine-tune their devices to the desired preferences and tastes. Wattage dictates the delivery of flavor, production of vapor as well as throat hit – all these variables need to be balanced for maximum satisfying vape experience.

Whereas high wattage often implies more heat is generated, and this is a satisfying condition for tobacco, coffee, and chocolate products that tend to be tastier and better. On the contrary, fruity flavors like peach and blueberry are tastier when vaped at low temperatures.

How to Choose an Ideal Wattage

The wattage you choose to vape at will be influenced by a couple of factors. First, your wattage of preference will depend on your knowledge of the vape at hand, your knowledge of vaping altogether, and the type of experience you’re looking for.

If you take a close look at the majority of cig-a-like vapes, they are designed and mounded in a way that mimics an ordinary cigarette and is preset at low-temperature ranges, for example, 7 to 15 watts. Juxtaposing these figures against some of the mods in the market today which go up to 200 watts, without any doubt, you will admit that 7 to 15 watts range low wattage.


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The majority of people will overlook the fact that wattages as low as 10 watts are enough to deliver a satisfying vape experience, and some vapers are well to go with this setting. By large, we all agree that vaping begins to feel more exciting in the range of 40 to 50 watts. By “exciting” it implies that at this wattage range we can easily differentiate between the various subtleties in vape flavors. At this range, details such as vapor denseness, throat hit, among others come into the picture.

The advanced vapers tend to love and stick to wattages between 50 and 75 watts and only bumps them up when they’re pulling some crazy tricks on their devices. The majority of mid-range vaporizers are designed for operation at this wattage level. Nevertheless, they allow vapers to make adjustments to balance between wattage and temperature settings to strike the best vape experience.

Is it Right to Turn Up the Wattage?

In the event when you feel comfortable pulling some tricks like cloud chasing, smoke rings, and all that kinds of stuff, you will most probably have to turn up your wattage. You may opt for a sub-ohming tank hence raising your overall vaping expenses. Ideally, as a beginner, this won’t be your starting point because you should possess some expertise. But once you prepare your mind about it, you can comfortably progress to this end without major hassles.

Know Your Technology

For selective vapers, variable-wattage vapes are the right way to follow. They allow them to tailor their vaping experience by fine-tuning their devices to their wattage of preference and depending on the kind of vape flavor they are using.

If you’re fond of constantly switching between numerous flavors, wattage adjustment is the key to unlocking the best experience in each. Also, coils vary in terms of resistances – usually between 0.1 and 3.0 ohms; different coils require different wattage levels for best performance. Vapes operating below 1.0 ohm are generally referred to as sub-ohms. However, sub-ohms come in different types operating at different voltages with identical mechanics: when the voltage or resistance increases, wattage increases as well. Vapes with 2-ohm resistances have an ideal voltage ranging between 3.3 and 4.0 volts.

Higher resistance vape coils enable high voltage setting. These coils are characterized by the generation of less vapor at low temperatures. If you do that, the ball is in your court to decide and choose what vape works best to satisfy your palate. Try a 1.8-ohm coil and run it at 3.0 volts to hat your sweeter berry flavor. Also, try a 2.1-ohm and run it at 4.3-volts to heat the same. In other words, experiment with several combinations to determine the perfect wattage that works incredibly for you.

What Wattage to Vape High VG

What Wattage to Vape High VG

Vapers are classified into two major: flavor searchers and cloud chasers. If you’re a cloud chaser, or you just want to taste the kind of flavor you will harness from a particular vape flavor, you need to follow some of the proven tips to help you out.

With a wide selection of vape flavors to try, the majority of them come with peculiar and complex flavor profiles, that in order to get the best out of them, you need to make a couple of tweaks. You do not have to sacrifice those huge vapor clouds – you will still enjoy the incredible vapor payoff with the great taste you are yearning for.

In terms of the VG/PG ratios of vape flavors, wattage level is very important. If you’re specializing in high-VG vape flavors, it means that you’re a cloud chaser and you need a powerful device operated at high and consistent wattage. Simple lesson: high wattage produces bigger vapor clouds. If you use your vape at 80 watts, you are going to get bigger vapor clouds than when your device is operating at 40 watts – where all other factors are held constant.


Although this may sound simple and easy to execute, there are several other factors that you should consider before turning that knob to crank your device up to 120 watts. Increasing the wattage/power that flows through your coil increases the amount of heat produced.

Consequently, you need to create an extra airflow to balance the condition. Some vapers are obsessed with hot vapor while others are not, but they will need to counter the extra heat with some additional airflow. Arguably, we cannot say this or that way of vaping is right neither is it wrong; all you need is to experiment and determine which one serves your vape flavor best. However, the introduction of extra airflow has consequences. A tighter airflow creates more resistance – vaper feels more like puffing from ordinary cigarettes – while an extra airflow enables an airier vape experience. That said, even if you are to increase the wattage level when vaping a high-VG vape flavor, you need to consider the other variables.

One of the fundamental ways to generate huge clouds from high-VG vape flavors is by sub-ohming. This is characterized by coils with resistances below 1.0 Ohms. To attain the best results from sub-ohm tanks, you must use a powerful battery with a sufficient discharge rating.

If the tank comes with a separate battery, ensure your choice of battery has an adequate and continuous discharge limit – anything above 20 Amperes will serve you well. Learn to apply the Ohm’s Law principle to ensure all the battery features comply with the requirements for your tank. Most importantly, stay within the battery extremes, and ideally, work within them.

What are the Benefits of High Wattage Vaping?

What are the Benefits of High Wattage Vaping

High wattage implies that more power is supplied to the coil. Increasing the power in the coil generates more heat resulting in better flavor delivery and production of huge vapor clouds – ideal for pulling crazy tricks like smoke rings. Conversely, to get a cool vapor cloud, simply reduce your wattage level.

To achieve that great vapor production and flavor delivery, more vape flavor is required. So, if your wattage setting is around 60 to 80 watts, you will need to dig deeper into your pocket to supplement more vape flavor. Besides, high wattage vaping comes with several benefits such as incredible throat feel, increased vaporization, and great taste

  • Incredible Throat Feels: Just like smokers, some vapers prefer feeling an intense hit on their throat during vaping. High wattage generates more heat which in turn makes them feel comfortable them. A great throat hit is the most important thing for vaping. A lot of this comes down to individual preference. Some people draw huge hits, slurp down nicotine and create enormous vapor clouds. Other vapers aren’t troubled by this and all they want is a casual puff. For strong throat hit and gigantic clouds, turn up your wattage.
  • Increased Vaporization: High wattage generates a significant amount of heat that implies that the vape flavor is subjected to intense heat. A strong and thick aerosol is well vaporized. This translates to health vapor that properly combines all the components of the vape flavor. This is ideal for Ex-smokers who would like to feel a cigarette-like experience.
  • Great Taste: Vapes are used for varied reasons. Some vapers want to just have a good vaping experience. Some are going through rigorous rehabilitation after quitting smoking while others are experimenting to determine a sweet spot. Arguably, high wattage is healthy for different classes of vapers.


But what is the best wattage to vape at? Indeed, this’s a major standout amongst the frequently asked question in different vaping blogs/sites. But if we’re somehow to give a straight-up response to the question, it would be correctly answered by stating that there isn’t a single measure to satisfy everyone.

Some vapers, especially the newbies pose this common question to understand the vaping art better. Unfortunately, if we’re to give a straight answer to this question, we would comfortably say that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all-wattage to vape at.

Arguably, the best wattage you feel comfortable with and which gives you the best satisfaction you are looking for every time you’re holding your mod and your favorite vape flavor is a matter of personal preference. Obviously, what works best for Mike is might not be to Kenneth’s liking. Besides, the wattage you like will mainly depend on the type of vape you choose.

Not only that, the wattage level you choose pivots upon the type of device you’re using. For the majority of vapers, even those who have been in the game for some time, picking the correct wattage can be a tough test. From one side, your choice of wattage can be extremely a matter of personal taste and preference. In whatever case, there’re likewise some consequences to the wattage level you decide to go with, and perhaps your experience may shift regarding the setup of your device.


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