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Can You Take Vapes On A Plane?

Can You Take Vapes On A Plane?

Important Note:

International Vaping Laws Can Change Without Notice

The details provided in this article is based on the information and law at the time of writing. you must verify the applicable rules and regulations before you start your journey. The vaping laws in the countries around the world and airline rules about vaping can change any time without notice.

How to Travel With Your Vapes - Rules to Follow

Every year approximately four billion passengers travel by air. Whether for education, work, or tourism in overseas countries, people love talking to the lovely skies. This figure includes a significant number of vapers which brings into question, can you bring vapes on a plane? And the answer is simply yes. Now, have you already planned a post-COVID travel schedule to Dubai to relax? If you’re a vape enthusiast, you need to be careful with what you bring on the plane.

Note that there’s a difference between bringing vapes in checked luggage and taking vapes in carry-on. The rules are clear; what’s important is to understand the regulations to avoid having your device confiscated. Besides, individual airlines and national authorities vary. Nonetheless, we’ll cover the general rules for flying with vapes and vape flavors.

Beforehand, check if your place of destination allows vaping. Some countries prohibit the sale and consumption of vaping products. We beseech you not to bring or think of carrying vapes to countries like Brazil, China, Singapore, Uruguay, and India. Secondly, as of 2021, travel authorities require that all battery-powered gadgets (including phones) be carried in person or in carry-on bags. Whether vapes or their batteries aren’t allowed in checked luggage.

Travelers are permitted to carry up to 100-ml (3.4 ounces) of vape flavor. Anything about 100 ml ought to be stashed in the checked bag. When passing through the security agents, take your vape mod off your person or out of the carry-on bag and check it with the security personnel. Recall that the authorities have the last discretion whether you’ll be allowed or rejected to board the plane.

In other cases, you may be asked to leave the device at the checkpoint. For backup reasons, you may want to bring more than one vape as a precaution. All you need is to follow the rules and regulations of the traveling authority, comply with security personnel and you shouldn’t have any problem.

Rules For Flying With Vapes On A Flight

Whether you are jetting for a business trip or taking some week off on holiday, always check your airline’s vaping policy before bringing vapes on the plane. More importantly, you must check the relevant Authorities’ (transport authority, police, immigration, etc.) rules to avoid being caught on the wrong side of the law. Below is the summary of the rules and regulations meant for vaping travelers:

  • No electronic cigarettes, batteries, or other vaping accessories are to be carried in checked bags.
  • You’re allowed to bring vapes on the plane provided that they are on your person, or carried in carry-on bags.
  • Check with the particular airline to make sure that they permit vapes and related accessories on their planes.
  • You are permitted to carry vape flavors on a plane. Vape flavor bottles not exceeding 100-ml (3.4 ounces) can be carried on carry-on bags.
  • Vape flavor bottles exceeding 100-ml should be kept in checked luggage.

Can You Use Vapes On A Plane?

Travelers aren’t permitted to use vapes on an airplane. So if you think you can sneak your monkey business in the restroom, think twice. The law is quite clear, you might end up in prison or lose huge sums of money. If your vapor clouds happen to be mistaken for smoke by detectors in the plane, the trip will immediately be diverted and make an emergency landing.

Planes are accustomed to taking zero chances and will instantly divert and terminate the journey at the slightest clue of a potent problem. If it’s found that you’re the cause of this mess, then be ready to face dire consequences.

It’s simple, don’t use your vape on a plane. Don’t even attempt to stealth vape, that’s even the worst thing you can ever think about. Instead, be considerate of other travelers in the fuselage. You can bring your vape on the plane but don’t use it no matter the temptations until you touch down.

Truly, it might be hard to get through those ten hours of travel from JFK airport to Heathrow, but the consequences of being caught are harder. Instead, you can take some nicotine gum to cure your nicotine urge. Besides, you’re not permitted to charge your device on the plane, so hold your horse until you get back from the skies.

Why Aren’t Vapes Kept In Checked Luggage?

In February 2019, a small fire activated by an overheated e-cig battery detained a Houston-bound flight from LaGuardia airport. The escapade occurred when travelers were boarding the SkyWest flight plying as a Delta connection. A video clip posted online showed a flight attendant with a fire extinguisher, putting out the fire on a flaming bag that was stashed in the overhead storage bin. A traveler, Rex Sakamoto from NYC, told WCBS someone yelled “fire” and with no time the fuselage was smelling like a campfire.

Globally, vapes and batteries are prohibited from being in the cargo hold as it’s caused fire before. Consequently, travel and airline authorities are strictly against the keeping of vapes and batteries in checked luggage.

The authorities will security check your checked luggage for anything that could cause a fire outbreak. This is because should a fire outbreak occur in the cargo hold, chances are the aircraft will burst into flames as there’s no way to access and extinguish it. a lithium battery, which is the most commonly used type of battery in vapes can cause a fire if carelessly stored or if it makes contact with metallic materials. That said, you should always keep your device in your carry-on bag or on your person.

Tips For Traveling With Vaping Gear

How to Travel With Your Vapes on a Plane?

In the skies, the altitude is different, the atmospheric pressure is also different, and the amount of oxygen up there is as well from what we have on the ground. So there are a couple of tips regarding how to maneuver through the airport security, then onto the plane, the appropriate types of vapes that suit your travel, et al. Now, one common phenomenon in vapes is the leakage of vape flavor.

Whether you’re carrying it on your person or in the carry-on bag, it may still leak. Although vape leaks aren’t dangerous, they are messy. So why does it happen on the plane? Is it because of how high you’re above the ground? Maybe! Passenger aircraft fly at more than 30,000 feet from the land as the air there is thinner and easier to fly through.

Now, high altitudes are characterized by low air pressure. The low air pressure in the aircraft causes the fluid inside the vape to slightly expand. Devices without leak-proof capability will certainly leak and mess your comfort. This reminds us that not all vapes can be taken on an airplane, there are only a few suitable units that can survive.

How To Pack Your Vape, Vape Flavors, Batteries, and Related Accessories

Traveling by air is not much different from what you normally do in your private car, city locomotive, or by sea. What changes are the rules of travel? The law is ubiquitous; in every institution, even in your home, there are rules. All you need is to follow the law. Now, because of fire risks in the cargo hold – which is hard to access, all electronic gadgets including vapes and batteries are carried onto the plane.

This is a global rule and has no exceptions. If you decide to do it differently and pack your vapes and batteries in the checked bag, the X-ray machine in the baggage handlers will detect the devices, you may end up losing the gadgets, and find your luggage and belongings roughed up. In the worst scenario, your suitcase may be confiscated and left at the departure airport.

Helpful Tips

  • If you’re taking extra batteries for a backup plan, keep them in a plastic case
  • Carry a battery charger
  • For short travels, take simple devices such as disposable vape pens
  • Fill your tanks partially to avoid tank leaks.

How To Travel With Vape Flavor

All fluids (liquids, gels, pastes, or creams) to be carried on a plane should be stored in not more than 100-ml bottles. Also, as per travel rules, the bottle must fit in a 1-quart plastic bag. If you are bringing more vape flavor than will fit in the maximum allowed 1-quart bag in a carry-on, then you’ll have to pack it in your checked bag. If you’re to put it in the checked luggage, double bag it otherwise you may find the greatest mess of your life upon arrival. Now that there is no size limit on the amount of vape flavor you should carry on checked luggage, you can bring enough that can last your entire vacation.

Helpful Tips

  • Low air pressure can cause expansion of vape flavor bottles, causing them to leak or split. To avoid this, take partially used vape flavor bottles with some air space.
  • Consider bringing higher-nicotine strength vape flavors, so you do not have to take as much.

Bringing Backup Vape

If the security personnel denies you the opportunity to bring your vape on the plane, then you’ll have to make one decision out of three:

  • Cancel your trip and return home,
  • Use a self-addressed package and send your device home, or
  • Allow the security agents to confiscate your device and forget about your vape.

None of these options please anyone. But there is a fourth and surely a better one. Although it may appear as self-serving advice, it’s not. Bring a backup vape. One week or two away from home requires enough supplies. Use a suitable vape that will serve you until you get back. A simple, small-size, ultra-portable, and user-friendly vape is the most suitable backup vape. And bring a device that will not leak.

Going Through The Security

While this might be viewed as a simple operation, security officers exercise utmost caution when examining electronic gadgets. Compliance and transparency are very important virtues when dealing with security agents.

Tell them what kind of device you’re carrying. If necessary, break it down into individual parts. For example, detach the reservoir and allow them to inspect it. You can as well use a vape carry case to store your components independently, which helps the inspection.

Helpful Tips

  • Be courteous, respectful, and cooperative with security agents,
  • Be transparent and bring out your device for inspection
  • Detach the tank from the vape, present it for inspection
  • Use a vape carry case for convenient transportation of your vape in parts
  • Use a battery carry case to keep your batteries
  • Keep chargers safely

Don’t Vape On The Plane

Can you vape on an airplane? No. we’ve already mentioned it so why are we bringing it here? Because it’s an important issue to address! Simply don’t dare vape on an airplane. If you try and get caught, you may face heavy charges or a jail term. Look, our society is constantly being hit by unnecessary bans on vapes: don’t vape in public places like transport systems, restaurants, sporting arenas, et al. So we must enhance our reputation and keep off nuisance activities from the public. Now, assuming all factors were held constant, trying it will freak the other passengers and will make us look bad.  

Bring Alternative Nicotine Products

Whereas vaping is prohibited and is likely your favorite method of consuming nicotine, you can try other products that serve the same purpose – especially when you are traveling for long hours.

Such products include nicotine pouches and nicotine toothpicks and are great kinds of stuff for getting through long trips and saving you from getting distracted by nicotine cravings. With vapor clouds, nobody notices you are consuming nicotine. Although they are not as enjoyable as vapes, they will save you from trouble. Besides, these products aren’t prohibited.


While it’s prohibited to vape in a public place, it’s equally illegal to vape on an airplane. Bringing vapes on the plane is a security issue and must be handled with a lot of care. Notwithstanding, there’s no cause of alarm because this has been done for more than a decade. All that is needed is to follow the set rules and regulations.


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