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May 17 2022 1 Comment Disposable Vape Disposable Vapes

How to Use a Nicotine Free Disposable Vape

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Anytime you think about vapes and stuff, what comes into your mind is nicotine. However, as much as it could be the reason why smokers switch to vapes – to substitute, it’s not compulsory. Some people are even looking for ways to vape without it. But why would you want to vape zero nicotine e-juice? Perhaps you may wish to untie yourself of nicotine compulsion but may find it facile to work on it while still treating yourself with a subtle vaping experience. Also, your level of nicotine addiction might be too high such that by the virtue of drawing one puff, your cravings are sorted. Or you may be having some allergic reactions or other health conditions when you inhale nicotine-based vape juice. Thankfully, some e-juice brands have taken a notch higher and are now making zero-nicotine e-liquids. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro vaper, zero-nicotine products are great options for people who want to enjoy their favorite e-juice and at the same time avoid the side effects of nicotine.

One of the principal objectives of vaping is to lower your nicotine strengths and ultimately lead a nicotine-free vaping life. Whilst some products do not provide zero-nicotine options, it’s critical to provide nicotine free disposable vapes to vapers hunting for non-nicotine stuff. Vapers choose nicotine free disposable vapes for various reasons. The obvious one is to avoid the addictive subjugation of nicotine. It’s been established that many vapers lower their consumption of nicotine and nicotine strength throughout their vaping lives. Actually, it’s recommended for them to hit zero nicotine and proceed on to lead a nicotine free lifestyle.

Lower nicotine vape juices were all over the place when large box mods were dominating the industry. The huge amounts of vapour produced by the beasts made lower and nicotine-free vape juices preferable. Manufacturers of these vaping gears will caution their customers against using potent nicotine salts with such powerful apparatus. Everyone should heed this as the high ratio of vegetable glycol (VG) used in big box mod systems have generally 0% – 0.6% nicotine strength while nicotine salt e-juices generally have 2.5% to 5% nicotine strength. Nonetheless, although vaping with nicotine free vapes prevents nicotine dependence, it comes at a price because it’s been found to cause various sides effects such as general toxicity, inflammation, and lung and throat irritation.


A host of chemicals included in vape juices may cause harm to your body when inhaled. From research, these toxins have nothing to do with nicotine but are associated with chemicals such as flavorings and preservatives used by manufacturers. This is common in vape juices prepared with food-grade ingredients. Essentially, nicotine gives a strong throat punch. Since lower and nicotine free vape juices have low amounts or no nicotine concentrations, vapers are tempted to vape more or use more power to compensate for the urge. Research shows that heating VG and PG fluids in vape juices create hazardous compounds such as formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is classified as a Group 1 carcinogen,


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Various commonly used vape juice flavoring ingredients cause damaging inflammation in the lungs. Conducting large-scale research will help find the long-term hazards that vapers are posed to should they vape too much to compensate for nicotine.

Throat and Lung Irritation

Vaping vape juices can cause lung and throat irritation. Vapers often refer to this phenomenon as a “throat punch” or “throat hit.” It describes the tingling and burning sensation a vaper experiences when they inhale vapour. Drawing in huge amounts of vapour from heated VG and PG irritates your airways.


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Journey to zero-nicotine vaping

Have you ever asked yourself why almost every e-juice manufacturer offers a zero-nicotine vape juice option in their brand? If you’ve used nicotine-based e-juice, then it might amuse you to find that there’s a huge demand for zero-nicotine vape products. Whilst vaping nicotine free products has some amazing advantages, the most important benefit is that they lack nicotine, which is a highly addictive chemical. Once the vaper succeeds to eliminate nicotine, they will no longer be vaping to accomplish something. At this point, the vaper will be in their final stages of consuming vapes and it will be much easy to let it go.

If you presently use vapes with high nicotine strengths, or you’re still smoking regular cigarettes, or have recently transitioned to vapes, you probably want to use vaping products for some period before you can stop. Zero nicotine vaping is indeed one of the signs that you’re in the last stages of your vaping journey. Notwithstanding, it’s accomplished without rushing. Your journey will only be successful if you lower your nicotine use gradually. Here is how you do it:

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1.   Lower Your Nicotine Concertation Gradually

Once you’ve quit smoking and transitioned to vaping, your next assignment is to start lowering the amount of nicotine in your vape juice at a speed that best suits you. Vape juices are available in a broad range of nicotine strengths, so you’ll have an easy time climbing down the nicotine ladder. Additionally, nicotine is available in different formulations, so you can choose which one to go with.

When the time to lower the amount of nicotine in your vape juice comes, it’s recommended to do it in a stepwise manner. For instance, if you began at 18mg/ml concentration, your next stop should be at 15mg/ml or 12mg/ml depending on which nicotine strength is available. You shouldn’t jump to 3mg/ml all at once, “you’ll fall.” The process may take you some time. All you need is to listen to what your body wants, how it reacts to the change, and when it allows you to move forward. Eventually, you’ll get there.

When working your way down to the lowest strength of nicotine, you may learn the importance of using a more powerful vaping apparatus. The benefit of using a more powerful vaping device is that it would generate huge amounts of vapour and this will maintain your satisfaction even when you’ve lowered your nicotine strength.

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2.   Find A Vape Juice That Activates The Throat Punch Of Nicotine

One thing you must notice when reducing your nicotine strength is that zero-nicotine vape juice generates greatly diminished throat punch. Even the contrast between a 3mg/ml vape juice and a zero-nicotine vape juice can strongly be felt. And this can be a little bit disappointing if you’re such kind of vaper that equates the sensation of throat punch to the feeling of satisfaction. If you’re that person, then you should consider vaping with an e-juice that produces a throat punch even without nicotine having to be included. And there are some ways of doing it.

One of the popular ways of compensating for the sensation brought about by nicotine in vape juices is by vaping with menthol-, or minty-flavored e-liquids. The potent cooling sensation generated by these e-liquids mimics the sensation of nicotine. Besides, you can adjust their strengths to achieve a similar nicotine feeling. Another way is to choose certain flavors that are popularly known to have a similar throat punch as nicotine. For instance, citrus flavors such as lemon and grapefruit, as well as spicy flavors such as cinnamon are renowned to generate a more notable throat punch. Although they aren’t as great as menthol-based vape juices, their effect can still mimic nicotine sensation.

Finally, and perhaps the most popular method is to use vape juices with high propylene glycol content. Manufacturers use both propylene glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG) as the main base ingredients. Of the two constituents, PG generates a more substantial throat punch sensation. So a 60/40 PG/VG ratio can do a great job for you.

3.   As You Approach Zero-Nicotine Vaping, Consider Practicing DIY Blending For Your Own Vape Juice

Although vape juices are available in nicotine concentrations below 3mg/ml, they are rare. This implies finding your favorite vape juice below 3 mg/ml nicotine strength can be strenuous. But you can solve this: blend available nicotine strength. It’s much of preparing a ‘Do It Yourself” vape juice. Here, much work has already been done so there is no need of worrying about how you’ll get the ratios right.

To work your way down to nicotine free vape juice, start by blending equal parts of 3 mg/ml vape juices and zero-nicotine vape juice to prepare a 1.5mg/ml nicotine strength mix. Once you become used to this mix of reduced strength, create another mixture using lower strengths than 3 mg/ml. Do the same in the subsequent steps until you’re using a few droplets of nicotine per bottle. After you’ve successfully worked your way to this point, you’ll realize that it's time to let vapes go.


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4.   Use The Appropriate Device For Zero-Nicotine Vaping

Choosing an appropriate vape juice is a major boost to solving the zero-nicotine vaping puzzle. Another important element is making sure that you’re engaging the right piece of hardware to get the right satisfaction. In order to make the right selection of hardware for zero-nicotine vaping, think about all those factors that drive you into using nicotine-based vape juice. Evidently, one of the reasons is that you may be addicted to using nicotine – but this isn’t the only reason.

5.   Find The Best Zero-Nicotine Vaping Configuration for Massive Cloud And Flavour Delivery

Perhaps you are a fan of watching huge vapour clouds move from one corner to another, or you love the feeling when vapour hits at the back of your throat. What a feeling! You aren’t alone there. Manufactures like Wotofo wants you to enjoy your favorite vape juice with a device that equals the purpose. Apart from specialized tanks and disposable vapes, they’ve created vape mods systems that can deliver powerful throat hits even in absence of nicotine in your mix. Particularly, nicotine-free disposable vapes help you maintain pleasure as you continue your zero-nicotine vaping journey.


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6.   Find The Best Zero-Nicotine Vaping Configuration for Tactile sensation  

You might be that one person who really enjoys experiencing some tactile sensations with nicotine-based e-juice. For many, the feeling is best felt when experienced with a device that mimics an ordinary cigarette – tight draw and instinctive activation. As this matter is concerned, a nicotine free disposable vape does not disappoint. The device will self-activate by just a mere pull of vapour via the mouthpiece. It will go all the way to simulate a similar experience of pulling smoke from regular cigarettes. And there you are, enjoying your favorite vape juice.

7.   Count the benefits that come with nicotine free vaping  

The most important thing as a non-nicotine vaper is to experience a completely satisfying vaping life and understand the benefits that follow once you’ve quit nicotine-based vape juices. Perhaps the obvious one is that you won’t be a “slave” of nicotine dependence which makes it easier for you quit vaping altogether. Another advantage of consuming nicotine free vapes is that they are pocket-friendly. Whilst it is true that almost every e-juice manufacturer has a nicotine free vape in its line of products, it's factual that the majority of customers only shop for vape juices containing nicotine. But upon checking the clearance section at a vape shop, you are virtually always going to find zero-nicotine vapes and zero-nicotine e-liquids there. Completely eliminating nicotine from your vaping life makes you take the advantage of such great opportunities.


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Vaping nicotine-free e juice is nearly as simple as vaping nicotine-based vape juice or even easier. The best way to quit nicotine is to gradually reduce the strength until you’re pleasant with nicotine free vape juice. The best piece of hardware to vape nicotine-free e-juice is a disposable vape. It’s already pre-filled with nicotine free e-liquids and you can consume it straight out of the pack. If you’re using a refillable device, you can convert it into a zero-nicotine vape. All you need is to clean the tank and atomizer to eliminate residues of previous nicotine-based e-liquid, change the coil, and refill the reservoir with zero-nicotine vape juice.  


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